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$10 | 30 Minute Session


What is an infrared sauna?

An Infrared Sauna is much different than the Traditional (steam) Sauna most people have experienced. Our cedarwood Infrared Sauna is a dry heat environment heated by infrared heaters that allows you to control the temperature to the exact degree. The Infrared Sauna works from the inside out, raising the core body temperature and allowing the body to gently detox & burn off unwanted calories.  As the body cools off after the session, the heart rate is increased, much like a moderate type of exercise, creating proper blood flow and oxygen through the body. 

What can I expect during my sauna session?

Upon your arrival you will check in at the front desk with one of our Front Desk Coordinators. If this is your first visit, you will be asked to fill out our waiver for this service. 

After you are checked in, make sure you use the restroom and get any needed drink (water) before going back to the sauna area.

We will take you into the spa and show you through the process of how to use and operate the sauna. You can control the volume of the tranquil spa music that plays inside of the sauna via built in speakers.

Please plan at least at 45 mins for your visit, with 30 mins being active sauna time.

A towel will be provided for you to use during/after your session. 

Our sauna is in a partitioned off, private back area of the spa. Most patrons choose to wear yoga or loose fitting clothing, or wear a bathing suit under their street clothes to wear while enjoying the sauna, while others choose to wear simply their basic undergarments. Nude sauna sessions are not permitted. If you are visiting the sauna directly after a spa service, you may opt to stay in your spa gown, but please note that you will have to get dressed in the private spa restroom after your session should you choose to remain in the spa gown.

Once your session is complete you will get dressed and leave any used towel in the sauna area as we will gather them up for you. 

Please note we do not have a shower onsite, but we do have 2 private bathrooms you may use before or after your session.

You will want to wait at least 30-60 minutes before showering at home after you complete your sauna session, as the body will continue to release toxins even after the session is complete. 

After your session, you are welcome to enjoy a complimentary water or tea and relax in our spa lounge area. 

Drink plenty of water and don’t forget to check out at the front desk!


Compare our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Membership



Per Month

Best Package Offer

30 min sessions

Unlimited monthly visits (one per day)


Package of 10



10 Visits

Best for Busy Schedules

30 min sessions

Package of 10 visits to be used within one year


1 Session


Per Visit

Best for First Visit

30 min session

$10 can be put towards same day package or membership purchase